About Brett

Dive In Puerto Morelos is owned by Dive Instructor Brett Nielsen. Brett has built an excellent reputation in Puerto Morelos as a reliable, safe and fun guy to dive with.

Brett has been diving in Puerto Morelos for eleven years, showing hundreds of divers the underwater world on our doorstep. Now he has his own dive shop, taking over the dive operation formerly known as Dive Puerto Morelos.

Legend has it that Brett learned to swim before he learned to walk. This love of the water led him to start diving 32 years ago in Salt Lake City. In 1999 he started diving professionally, becoming a PADI Divemaster and three years later, a Dive Instructor.

Brett especially enjoys showing new divers the world they have been missing underwater. Over the years he has taught many divers, including special needs individuals at the Salt Lake Community College.

He especially enjoys diving in Puerto Morelos with the warm water, great visibility and an endless list of things to see, including fish, coral and plant life. When people ask if he ever gets tired of diving in the same places he says he gets to know the fish and they become like his children, and he likes to check on them and see how they are doing!

Brett says diving needs to be taken seriously and safely, but done properly, it can be the best time and the most fun you will ever have.

Dive In Puerto Morelos is pleased to welcome Cettina Cantu to our staff.

Cettina is from Toluca, near Mexico City. She moved to Puerto Morelos 13 years ago to be close to the sea. Cettina has a love for the water and the beautiful world beneath.

An experienced and enthusiastic Divemaster, she will take excellent care of you while explore the Caribbean Sea. Cettina is fluent in Spanish and English. Dive with Cettina today at Dive In Puerto Morelos.




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